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Hi, I'm Andrew!

I design, build and deploy modern web applications that people love to use

Nice to meet you!

I’ve been writing code since I can remember, and spent the first 8 years writing control system software for offshore safety systems, with web development being a side hobby. In 2016 though, this changed, and I made the jump to became a professional web developer - I've never looked back. These days, I continue to push my technical horizons to create and deploy a range of modern web applications. 

Whilst I initially started out as mainly a backend developer, with enough frontend to get by, my passion for tech soon grew to cover the entire stack and evolved to the point that I’m able to design, build, and deploy a range of web applications. These can range from product landing pages, blogs and technical document sites, to large bespoke distributed web applications and highly available micro services capable of handling millions of hits. I love it all.

I’m also technical director at Hexacode Web Solutions - a company I set up where in my downtime I create bespoke digital solutions for clients. I like to think of it as my creative outlet.

Passionate about software

I develop beautiful software to solve real world problems using an array of languages and technologies. If you’re curious about the details, take a look at my tech page to see what I’m currently working with day to day. I also try and write about some of my learnings over in my blog so feel free to check that out too.

Let's talk 

Have a project you’d like to discuss or need to reach out for any other reason? You can do so here!

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